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Scope of Project

The scope of work in the Project finalized by world bank after assessing the status of completed and ongoing rural water supply schemes and new projects sanctioned by NABARD etc. was coverage of 2124 Not Covered NC villages and 920 PC villages over a period of next 5 yrs at a cost of Rs. 1280.30 crore. However after restructuring of the project, the scope of work is as under:-

  • Coverage of 739 NC and 2422 PC villages
  • Service improvement of existing water supply scheme in 223 villages
  • Implementation of sewerage schemes in 100 villages on pilot basis along with rejuvenation of village ponds.
  • Metering of water supply schemes in 6 villages on pilot basis.
  • Upgradation of 3 water testing laboratories

The project comprises of three components namely component A for the Programme Management, component B for the community development and component C for the infrastructure building. Component wise brief description is as under:-

Components/Activities Remarks
A. Program Management
Institutional Costs (SPMC, DPMC) It includes expenditure on salaries, for purchase of Stationary & purchase of Toners on, Repair and Maintenance of Computers Xerox Machine, Furniture etc. POL/Repair of vehicles of SPMC/DPMCs, Payment to Concurrent Auditors for conducting audits, Internal Auditors, Independent construction quality surveillance etc.
Monitoring and Evaluation It includes expenditure on quarterly news letter, Annual Awards for best GPWSCs (District & States), Sample household surveys etc.
Capacity Building It includes expenditure on Capacity Building programmes for SPMC, DPMCs, GPWSCs etc.
Program IEC It includes expenditure on Inter Personnel IEC Material, Electronic and Print Media expenditure, Folk Media Campaign etc.
Sector development initiatives It includes expenditure on preparation of Water Resource Maps.
B. Community Development Support
Community Support SOs It includes payments to NGOs, Payments on account of mobilization fees to Consultants for performance improvement of existing Water Supply Schemes.
Engineering Support It includes payments to Consultant for Engineering and Technical Support by Consulting Engineering Services
Components/Activities Remarks
C. Infrastructure Building
Construction/Upgradation of Water Supply Schemes in NC/PC habitation It includes expenditure to be incurred on implementation of Water Supply Schemes in NC and PC villages.
Performance improvement in Water Supply
(a) Performance improvement in existing schemes and transfer It includes expenditure to be incurred on improvement of Water Supply Schemes in FC villages (223)
(b) Pilot Testing of New Technologies Provision for providing bulk water meters in MV scheme as well as meters in individual houses for six villages on pilot basis.
Community Sanitation It includes expenditure to be incurred on providing sewerage scheme in 100 villages along with rejuvenation of village ponds

Component wise detailed cost table download link given below:-

  1. Component-Wise Cost Table
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