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Tubewell based schemes for single village and multi village

About 80% of habitations in the State have ground water as source where water is drawn through deep tube well. The Single village tubewell based schemes will typically have a deep tubewell fitted with a submersible pump, a pump house with disinfection unit, rising mains of short length, Overhead service Reservoirs (OHSRs) and small network of PVC distribution pipes running along the village roads. The water delivery points are either house service connections (with or without consumer meters) provided based on demand and public stand posts for serving the needs of the poor households that cannot afford installation and monthly tariff of house service connections. Water from deep tube wells being safe, only treatment provided is disinfection with chlorination units or by silver ionization units. In view of the erratic power supply from the grid, standby diesel generating sets are provided if their investment costs are fully financed by the GP/ communities especially because of their higher operating expenditures that will have to be subsequently borne by the users. The Multi village tubewell based schemes have similar scheme components, except that the tubewell and the OHSR distribute water to 2-3 adjacent habitations- with independent feeder mains to each habitation where needed for equitable distribution.

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