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CCDU at a Glance

The Communication and Capacity Development Unit, Mohali is supplementing the SPMC with soft skills like, participatory skills, capacity building support, Information, Education and Communication (IEC etc). The unit is headed by an Executive Engineer and presently have one Sr. HRD Specialist and one Sr. Community Mobilization Specialist. These experts are outsourced for providing the social engineering skills under the demand driven and decentralized service delivery system under SWAp. The key responsibilities of the Communication and Capacity Development Unit are:

  • To Develop and Guide implementation of social mobilization, communication, community participation and village level capacity building activities.
  • Identifying and assisting the services of Support Organizations and project Consultants.
  • Orienting, Co-ordinating and Monitoring the activities of the Support Organizations and project Consultants.
  • Implement State Level IEC activities.
  • Assist Programme Director in recruitment, induction , training , capacity building and exposure of the project staff and consultants
  • Undertake Human Resource Development activities.
  • Develop and implement strategies for gender mainstreaming.
  • Develop and advise mechanisms for inclusion of women, scheduled castes and poor in decision making and other activities of the GPWSC.
  • Arrange for capacity building of DPMC and Operations Wing on participatory techniques.

  • Capacity Building Programme

    Under the capacity building component needs of each stakeholder group are being identified annually, based on learning requirements essential for performing their designated functions. Essentially, enhance / develop knowledge, skills and management practices such as to bring in a change and capacitate different stakeholders at different levels.

    1. Apex level: CB aims at creating an enabling environment for formalizing project's key principles and the targeted audience include administrators, policy makers, political representatives and media.

    2. Strategic level: target includes chiefly SPMC and other associated government departments who are expected to promote and facilitate in campaigning and mainstreaming the reform approach.

    3. Intermediary/Program level : stakeholders comprise DPMC, DWSS, and consultants and Support organizations, who are to provide technical, social and management assistance to grassroots level agencies.

    4. Grassroots/project level: target encompasses GPs and user groups who will be capacitated such as to enable translate the project's approach into action designing, constructing, operating and managing, and monitoring the schemes.

    Information, Education and Communication (IEC):

    Apart from above, emphasis is to orient and familiarize officers on the importance of IEC as information and communication were very crucial aspects in any organization as without communication, the ideas and goals will not be properly disseminated. Further, the knowledge of community mobilization practices are being highlighted so as to orient the participants on the various tools and techniques for working with the communities at the grassroot level and also to understand their psyche, mental set-up, attitudes, prejudices, cultural norms and values etc. Various IEC materials has been developed by the SPMC in the form of Flip charts, fliers, posters, community quarterly newsletter - Nirmal Jal Patrika, resource booklets etc . These IEC materials are being utilized in various village level trainings to create awareness and people’s understanding about the importance of the project and to enable village folk’s appreciation and their active involvement.

    CCDU is undertaking various IEC activities at the grassroots level through DPMCs and the major IEC activities undertaken so far are as follow:

    • Production of Video Documentaries on project issues
    • Production of audio visual jingles for awareness and sensitization
    • Water Quality Testing
    • School Rallies and School level competitions
    • Muniyadi Campign
    • Social Mappings
    • Puppet Shows
    • Street Plays
    • Road Shows
    • Participatory Rural Appraisal
    • Special Events like Tabloids on Independence Day, Celebrating Teej Festival, Health Day, Water Day , Hand washing Day etc.

CCDU Activity and Programmes:

Download IEC Material For Awareness and Sensitization

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