National Workshop on Sustainable Water Supply & Sanitation Services
(15-17 December, 2011 at Hotel Mountview, Sector-10, Chandigarh)

1. Information Brochure & Invitation for Papers for Presentation 
2. Workshop Schedules 
3. Workshop Resolution 
4. National Workshop Photo Gallery 
5. National Workshop Proceedings 
6. Papers Presented in Workshop 
 6.1 Sustainable Operations of Water Supply & Sanitation Services in India.
 6.2 Assured Availability of Safe Drinking Water - Challenges of Bringing Financially Self-Sustainable O&M
 6.3 Trends in Rural Water Sector Development – Key Findings From Triple-S
 6.4 Sustainable Water Supply Sanitation – Jalanidhi Experience
 6.5 24 x 7 in Rural Water Supply Is a Reality– Punjab Experience
 6.6 Maintenance of Drinking Water Scheme
 6.7 Public Private Partnership in Rural Water Supply and Sanitation - Experiences
 6.8 Private Operators and Rural Water Supplies: Experiences Outside South Asia
 6.9 Water Quality Monitoring Through Implementation of Water Safety Plan
 6.10 Sewerage in Rural Areas – Early Experiences, Challenges and Opportunities
 6.11 Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions
 6.12 Water Quality Monitoring & Surveillance in Tamil Nadu
 6.13 Community Based Approaches For Addressing Chemical Contamination - WaterAid Experiences
 6.14 Community Mobilization and Empowering of PRIs
 6.15 Achieving Sustainable Operations Through Efficient & Effective Public Complaint Redressal System (Shikayat Nivaran Kendra)
7. List of participants 
 7.1 participants from GoI.
 7.2 participants from various External Agnecies.
 7.3 participants from various States.
 7.4 participants from Department of Water Supply and Sanitation.


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